Off the beaten path destination in the Philippines?


Looking for an off the beaten path destination in the Philippines? Try Siquijor.

And found in this island tucked away from the urban jungle is a refreshing sight for any traveler. This is Cambugahay Falls.

Local level ★★★★★
Recommendation Level ★★★★☆
Budget PHP50-100/person

How to enjoy

What to do at the entranece?

Entrance is free so you need not worry about this.

Before starting your quick hike to the falls, vendors can be found selling cold drinks and other local snacks at the entrance.

There are also guides here. Best to get a guide to help the local economy and if you are travelling solo, they can be your photographer, too!

Is hiking easy or hard?

If you are physically fit, the hike will be really easy for you. But if you are not that physically fit, take your time. The concrete steps make it easier to go down. It is a downward hike for around 5 - 10 minutes.

And as you go further down, you will be able to hear the waterfalls.


Cambugahay Falls has 3 layers! How to enjoy each?

Cambugahay Falls is a three-tiered fall.

The first tier is just near the end of the cemented steps. It is a big area for swimming. There are certain sections of the area where you can swing from a vine and just jump into the water. For 50 pesos, you can try for unlimited swings from the vines. Be careful that there aren’t any swimmers in the area when you jump!

The second and third tier are also amazing to look at! The path to these falls is a mix of cemented steps, bamboo bridges and boulders. But, the walk is not difficult. You will be amazed with the view of the falls and other foliage in the area.

The most breathtaking of the three tiers would be the last tier. At the first and third tier, there are bamboo rafts you can rent for that picturesque Instagram worthy moment. They go for 20 pesos.

And, remember the local guide who brought you to the falls? He’s right there to take your photos!


Take a refreshing dip in any of the blue-green pools, hang out at one of the bamboo huts found alongside or just click away with your cameras, whichever way you spend your vacation, Cambugahay Falls should be added to your bucket list.

Best Time To Visit

During the dry season which happens from the months of November – April is highly recommended for tourists.

An added perk is that since it is not frequented often by other tourists, the waterfalls is not crowded with people. But if you want to have the place all to yourself, get there early.


Majority of the locals can understand English really well.

The locals, just like any other place in the Philippines, are very hospitable. They will be more than happy to help you should you get lost. Just ask, have a little patience and they will point you in the right direction.

How to get there

From Manila, take a flight to Dumaguete. From the Dumaguete airport, take a 20 - 30 minute tricycle ride to the port.

From there, you will be able to purchase your tickets for the ferry to and from Siquijor. Best to check the schedule of the departures first. From the port, you can either hire a tricycle or motorcycle to take you to Cambugahay Falls.


  • Location: Siquijor Circumferential Road, Lazi, Siquijor
  • Budget:PHP 50 - 100