Sai Oua, the incredible herbaceous sausage of Chiang Mai



What is Sai Oua?


Have you ever heard about Sai Oua?

It’s a grilled mix of pork mince, herbs, spices and red curry paste, in fact that’s what makes it different from any other known sausage.

Due to the geographic emplacement, it is also named Northern Thai Sausage, since it is originally from the north of Thailand more precisely in Chiang Mai, where the spices and herbs used in Sai Oua are extracted from its high mountainous area.

Siri Wattana/Thanin Market : the best fooding market in town


This market is the perfect destination for visitors who want to taste the best local dishes in the region.

Located 1km away from the old city of Chiang Mai, it allows you to experience the Sai Oua best quality and super herbaceous for a good price, indeed it’s one of things visitor cannot turn back to their home without it, sharing it with friends and family.

What is also amazing about the place is its generous vendors, so if you just pass next to someone of them and you’re confused to buy or not, the vendor gives you a free testing part of any of his food, that’s why you will never get out disappointed from the place by the reason of making the best choice.

The average price of northern Thai sausages is 25 Thai Baht approximatively $0.79 USD per piece of sausage.

Local level ★★★★☆
Recommendation Level ★★★★☆
Budget 160-180B/person

Best timing for visiting


The market is usually open all for days of the week from 6am till 8pm, it is suggested to take your visiting tour at the morning before 12am, since the market ingredients came fresh and new, so that’s will guarantee for you high quality Sai Oua, with a perfect and healthy taste.

How to make your order


The most of the market vendors doesn’t speak English, but just pronouncing the world “Sai Oua” will make them understand what you need, also because they are in daily contact with tourists, there will be no problem in terms of quantities needed in addition to that prices written at the menu board of any vendor inside the market.

How to get to the Siri Wattana Market

After arriving to the Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 1 (Chang Phueak Bus Terminal), you’ll be about 9 min walk all the way the changhuak Rd to achieve the market, or take a taxi for less than 18 B to avoid losing directions.

Suggestion: Use the Maps application on your phone to set directions and ensure your mouvements.

Information of Wattana Market

  • Adress:169 Ratchapakhinai Rd, Tambon Chang Phueak, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200
  • Opening time : 6AM to 8PM.
  • Regular holiday : National holidays only.

“If you’re travelling for the first time to Thailand, you may not skip visiting it’s northern area. Sai Oua will be your BESTEST tasting experience there”