Lumpia ni Senyang – What makes it special


Lumpia ni Senyang

Local Level ★★★★★
Recommendation Level ★★★★★
Budget PHP15~50/人

What’s with Lumpia ni Senyang?

Chinese have greatly influenced the culture of Cebuanos. For this reason, many Cebuanos have already adapted to a number of Chinese cuisines such as those delectable spring rolls also known as “lumpia”.

In the neighboring city of Cebu, there’s a local diner that has been truly loved and supported by its locals – Lumpia ni Senyang.

 Lumpia Cebu Mactan Island exquisite local food

Located just outside the gate of Saint Alphonsus Catholic School is a humble store owned by Hertrudes Tendon, who’s been fondly called as “Nang Senyang” by local customers.

She has been known to sell lumpia in order to augment the finances of her familiar. Hence, the term “Lumpia ni Senyang”.

Why is “Lumpia ni Senyang” popular and loved by locals?

As it is located close to the school, the spring rolls sold by Nang Senyang became a hit to students studying in the aforementioned school.

Employees and other locals have also flocked there because it’s very affordable.

Recommended Street Food in Cebu Mactan Island |Lumpia ni Senyang

Based on my experience, there is actually nothing special with “Lumpia ni Senyang”. It’s the typical crunchy vegetable spring roll that has been deep-fried.

However, what totally makes it worth tasting is the sauce. The spicy sauce that goes together with those spring rolls are to die for! It will truly burn your lips but will make you crave for more!

Best time to visit Lumpia ni Senyang

As it is frequented by students, it is best to visit the store before school dismissal or before lunch time to avoid the crowd and for you to totally experience the delectable lumpia and sauce of Lumpia ni Senyang.

How to order

To be able to get a taste of the spring rolls sold by Nang Senyang, simply order in the counter. Tell the attendant how many spring rolls you would like to have.

These spring rolls are best paired with Cebu’s hanging rice, locally called as pusô. When combined together, rest assured that you will have a hearty meal.

On a regular basis, a single individual can finish two to three of these crunchy spring rolls. But if you think you want to have more, feel free to tell the attendees. They’re more than willing to assist.

Exquisite rupiah on Cebu Mactan Island

Once you’re done ordering, you may pay to the counter. Simply tell them how many spring rolls and pusô have you ordered.

Drinks are also available to quench your thirst after savoring the hot and spicy sauce of the special lumpia.


I highly recommend the special lumpia sold at Lumpia ni Senyang. It’s best to pair with their hot and spicy sauce.

If you’re not fond of spicy flavors, they also have sauce made from vinegar and soy sauce that you can choose from.

How to get there

From Cebu City, you may take a jeepney or bus going to the island of Mactan where Lapu-lapu City is located. It is located at R. De La Serna St, Lapu-Lapu City, just across St. Alphonsus Catholic School.

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